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The World Community Magazine streams LIVE on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM on Facebook and YouTube.


The broadcast is produced by The World Community Magazine, LLC. Tune in weekly to hear show host Edward McQueen, and co-host April D. Garner talk with special guests about employment, education, politics, religion, health, public safety, and other factors impacting our communities. World Community Magazine, LLC. publishes the magazine monthly and can be accessed on our company's website  The magazine and broadcast coverage areas include Horry, Georgetown, and surrounding counties, as well as global outreach through the internet.

All rights reserved on video and audio productions. The views and comments expressed by radio show guests are not expressly the views of the Whittemore Community Magazine and its affiliates. World Community Magazine Live Internet Show is a non-partisan media platform.

Ed McQueen.jpg
Edward McQueen

Edward McQueen is the founder and publisher of the magazine and the host of the live talk show. A native of Conway, SC, McQueen's worked professionally as an engineer before his retirement. He began the magazine in 1997 and started the show soon after publication. Click here for the full bio.

AG 2019.jpg
April D. Garner

April D. Garner is the co-host of our weekly radio show and works closely with the live stream. Garner is a native of Conway, South Carolina who serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations in SC and NC. She is currently the program director for a community leadership program based in North Carolina. Garner has been with the magazine and radio show for 10 years. 

Genar Faulk (Portrait).jpg
Genar Faulk

Genar Faulk acts as Treasurer for the magazine and assists with editing the publication. Faulk also works as an advisor for the magazine and talk show. Faulk is involved with numerous community service projects throughout Horry County and is a member of the Mu Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.          Click here for the full bio.

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