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2023 Summer Reading Initiative

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WC Magazine participates in this initiative as a collaboration with summer reading program founder Marjorie C. McIver and a host of educators and community leaders connected to the Gullah Geechee community. 

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A Glimpse Inside Harriet Tubman: Life and Legacy Summer Readings

The summer reading selections for both the 7-12 & 13-18 age groups are As I Travel Along: The Story of Harriet Tubman and John Bowley or Harriet Tubman and John Bowley's Most Excellent Adventure, both written by Steve Williams. Participants in the 7-12 year old age group will choose one of the two selections for their assignments and final project. The 13-18 year old age group will read Harriet Tubman and John Bowley's Excellent Adventure.


Amazon Book Description: As I Travel Along is the daring story of the first person Harriet Tubman rescued on her famed Underground Railroad and how he returned to Georgetown, South Carolina years later to lead his people.

Goodreads Book Description: Harriet Tubman and John Bowley's Excellent Adventure introduces children to the true story of the daring escape that Harriet Tubman and John Bowley successfully devised to free their family from an auction block in Maryland in 1850. It was Tubman's first attempt to rescue anyone from the harsh conditions of human bondage. Kessiah Bowley, John Bowley's (a free Black) bound wife, was the accepted "sister" of Harriet Tubman. After Tubman escaped enslavement in 1849, she vowed to help other to be free too - especially her family. Harriet Tubman and John Bowley, a master seaman, concocted a dangerous scheme to free Kessiah and her children off an auction block in front of hundreds of potential slave buyers. Seventeen years later, one of the John and Kessiah's children came to Georgetown, S.C., and continued the legacy of helping to improve the lives of newly freed black Americans.

Each group will complete assignments created for their ages and a final presentation. Participants will receive a packet of information with details about the required work and related activities.


Participant Requirements

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Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Summer Reading Initiative. Please register below to participate. You will receive important information about this year's program via email.

Thanks for registering for the summer reading program!      Mrs. Marjorie McIver, Summer Reading Program Founder,         will contact you soon with more information..

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Contact Marjorie McIver at 843-907- 1406 for more information about the 2023 Summer Reading Initiative

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