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2024 Summer Reading Initiative

WC Magazine participates in this initiative as a collaboration with summer reading program founder Marjorie C. McIver and a host of educators and community leaders connected to the Gullah Geechee community. 

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Kids Reading Book in Park
A Boy and His Tablet Device

From the Middle Passage to "Coming to America": Our Rich African History

For the past four years, we have selected 1-2 books, one written for new and emerging readers, and the other for advanced readers on the upper elementary, middle and high school levels. This year, we have selected a variety of books to offer more information and exposure through the sharing of research and final projects with other participants; thus increasing their knowledge base and awareness of their rich heritage and culture. These books should be part of every household library.

These  2024 books have been selected and assigned participants based on their age and developmental levels, abilities , and interests areas.
The books are connected in that they all represent periods of time in our rich African history that reflect our early beginnings, a middle passage, and  “coming to America” experiences, which were omitted from the history we were taught in our schools. Today, we still witness elements of our past history entwined, sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly, in plain sight, into the fabric of our lives today.

Participant Requirements

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A Yound Man in the Library

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Summer Reading Initiative. Please register below to participate. You will receive important information about this year's program via email.

Thanks for registering for the summer reading program!      Mrs. Marjorie McIver, Summer Reading Program Founder,         will contact you soon with more information..

Contact Marjorie McIver at 843-907- 1406 for more information about the 2024 Summer Reading Initiative

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